RS ConcretePlus

RS ConcretePlus treatment is highly resistant to industrial floors and decorative concrete.

RS Tecnologia and RS ConcretePlus treatment use lithium nano-technology to make their most innovative projects.

During the past 20 years RS Tecnologia has been developing technology for decorative and protection pavements systems. We have extensive experience in executing works and public recognition with several awards.

This new system withstands traffic and pedestrians. It is highly valued by the owners and users of commercial and industrial facilities. The system complies with most industrial health regulations.

Prettier and more uniform concrete floors are possible thanks to new treatments, including lithium as base ingredient, a new generation of hardeners for deeper penetration and more durable surfaces means easy maintenance.

Without activity interruption

In addition to durability, waterproofing and beauty, RS ConcretePlus do not require pickling prior to the new application, with which we can reapply without the interruption of commercial activity, thus avoiding closing the local consequent loss economic.

High aesthetic qualities

This technology is excellent for polished concrete floors over high decorative flooring. Offers the same aesthetic qualities then terrazzo or marble.

These treatments offer a glossy finish that just not need maintenance. They have been specially designed for indoor use in industrial and commercial facilities. It’s divided into ten standard colors ranging from white to dark green.

Custom Cosmetic

RS ConcretePlus allows different colors over already cured concrete. You can define zones or simply changed cosmetically.
This technology provides a high level of resistance and an attractive finish for concrete interiors.

Lithium Technology

Based on the latest technology in lithium hardeners and sealers, RS ConcretePlus provides greater hardness concrete and waterproofing optimal thus maintenance costs are very low.
The lithium-based treatment is prescribed on floors that need protection against high use.



  • Greater hardness of the pavement
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Optimal waterproofing against chemical agents
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Fast to implement, without interrupting production activity
  • For industry, commerce or private use
  • Complies with anti-slip laws

Remodeling the concept of the pavement through the use of advanced technologies capable of improving civil and industrial environments.
Increase the durability and performance.
Redefine beauty and design.