Let asphalt became a green product, this is the aim of RS GreenAsphalt. Given the current situation respect the scarcity of natural resources, we must give an answer within our sector. Is not asphalt a 100% recyclable product? With this intention, RS Tecnologia has sought partners in other parts of Europe for new technologies in the field of recycling asphalt. This journey has led us to the UK, a country with over 20 years of experience in recycling asphalt. From this experience were born the machines that we have for sale now.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the RS Greenasphalt VEB asphalt recycling machines provide a novel solution to the reuse of raw materials in public works. So far this technology has been virtually unknown in Spain, but is already present in most of central and northern Europe.

Under the brand RS GREENASPHALT are going to be introduced into the Spanish and South American market three different models of machinery.





With a drum of 600 kg maximum capacity and an estimated 3 TN asphalt production per hour, VEB 500 is the smallest machine of the series. This asphalt recycling machine is ideal for small repair jobs that require small amounts of asphalt. It is very common to have problems with the asphalt plants when buying small amounts of material or doing it on holidays. This machine can recycle asphalt of the work itself or create new asphalt "in situ" any day of the week at any time. This machine is versatile, lightweight and maneuverable. You can hook it in a tow van because its weight is just 1.7 TN.


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With a drum capacity of 5 TN, and an approximately production of 14 TN per hour, this machine is very versatile. It’s ideal as a mobile unit and also as a fixed one. Easily movable on the trailer of a truck can be located on site and produce a lot of asphalt. On the contrary, also fits nicely into a fixed asphalt production plant, either feeding a larger plant producing independently. It is the best way to mount a small asphalt production plant and take it wherever you want.



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With a drum capacity of 10TN and an asphalt production on about 28 TN per hour, this model is the largest recycling machine of the VEB Asphalt series. It is an asphalt plant with a high production capacity that can be mounted anywhere almost immediately, and which can be mounted on any truck trailer. It is designed for large asphalt works or large production plants. It works great in increasing temperature to the asphalt that comes from distant plants. Thus, and just in 10 minutes, it converts unuseful asphalt into a valid one. With RS GreenAsphalt VEB 10000 you can have an asphalt plant wherever you want, whenever you need it.



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¿Why buying a RS GreenAsphalt VEB machine?

Very simple. For the savings. Saving in consumption of raw materials (enviroment) first and then in the price that you pay for the asphalt, which is 50 % cheaper than the new one. If you know the quantity of new asphalt that you spend each year, you are able to know the exact saving the RS Greenasphalt VEB can ensure you. But it doesn't only save raw materials and money. It also generates less reliance on other companies, because you can do asphalt work at any time.

All models of RS Greenasphalt VEB machinery can produce new asphalt from raw materials.



New service. Recycled asphalt distribution.

RS GreenAsphalt offers for small businesses and people a new service, consisting on the rental of a VEB 500 recycling machine and a specialist worker service for hours, in order to supply new recycled asphalt.

This service is complemented by the possibility that RS GreenAsphalt will also apply the asphalt, if the client does not have access to it.

This service is especially designed for medium size construction companies that need little amount of asphalt in a timely manner, as well as individuals who want to pave a road or driveway. The cost of asphalt, for these cases, is lower than the traditional system.

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