Vacuum for concrete polishing RS Air 36W C


Mono-phase vacuum cleaner for concrete polishing. System conventional fabric filters and manual cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easily transportable with any vehicle. Its three mono-phase engines provide high suction power.

Suction unit

Suction is generated by three mono-phase engines with by-pass brushes. These are soundproofed in order to minimize the noise generated. As air flows downward, it doesn't cause any kind of discomfort to operator, or stirring up dust. Vacuum hood has three practical switches to facilitate the start-up, and a vacuum watch, useful to detect a posible filter saturation.

Filter unit

The filter consists of a fabric filter with a filtering surface of 30.000 cm2 and ensures optimal polished concrete dust extraction.

Unit of collection

Asphalt dust is deposited in a handy 50L steel  capacity container, which allows rapid removal of material.

Power: 3600 KW

Flow: 540 m3 h. 

Capacity: 50L.

Weight: 90KG

Dimensions: 58x60x122