Resin diamond München type LOW COST for traditional polishers

LOW COST resin diamond for all types of traditional polishers. Excellent quality/price ratio,  its format in München type has a perfect balance of wear, and its channels and tables format design gives perfect cooling. Suitable for all marble, terrazzo, granite, flooring etc. You can also use a burnisher coupled to it for small polishing works. This resin diamond gives much shade to the pavement getting a perfect finish.

Application: Terrazzo, marble and granite.

Bond: Resin.

Use: Wet.

Fastening: velcro

Machines: traditional floor polishers Menghini & Bonfanti, Viudez Puerta, Flaqué, Pantera, Comercial Lozano, etc ....

Grits: Gr 50, 100, 200, 400.