RS Asphalt Plus pavement has different finishes:

The RS BasicPlus finish is the more simple and has more uses over. It consists of a roughing the asphalt with metal diamond. 
With the RS BasicPlus finish is achieved display the aggregate and, in a very fast and easy beautify asphalt pavement, from a homogeneous black to a decorative pavement, depending on the design chosen, radically changes the appearance of the area.



The RS PlusTop finish has been designed for a high gamma outdoor flooring. From BasicPlus finish and in two more phases, got a very high pavement performance. For the realization of this finish, RS Tecnologia developed for hardening products themselves (RS EndurPlus) and the sealing and protection of the pavement (RS ProtectPlus). This ensures that the finished pavement life is higher and its appearance considerably firmer.



Among the latest developments in terms of design and finishes, RS Tecnologia has created a polished interior asphalt pavement, finishing with RS GlassPlus. This finish gives the floor an aspect of glass and a hight protection. The appearance of this surface is identical to that of any high end terrazzo.



The RS BoulevardPlus finish is destined to pedestrian traffic. A sealing system with an esclusive bituminous whitewash to waterproof asphalt and give an appearance of Terrazzo. With this system we have high weather protection for the pavement, considerately lengthening life to the asphalt pavement.


After developing different finishes for pedestrian traffic, RS AsphalPlus incorporates RS TrafficPlus finish, designed for decorative polished asphalt pavements where heavy traffic is constant.
From RS TopPlus finish and one stage more, we get a stronger polished asphalt pavement by adding a transparent high strength epoxy resin.


RS Tecnologia has created hammering carved finish, a new design born from the continuous development of our R&D department.
This finish has a high non-slip level and higher adhesion than other pavements, in addition it has noble and rustic aesthetic, thanks to its resemblance to granite.
This pavement can be used in historic centers of cities and towns, mimicking the environment for its appearance to granite. Also is strongly recommended to apply in places where usually accumulate snow and ice for its non-slip properties, higher than European Class 3.