New interior finish for polished asphalt pavement: RS GlassPlus

One of the main activities of the company is, and always will be, the continued development of our products.

Since we launched RS AsphaltPlus, we were thinking on creating indoor pavements, especially for malls, airports, hotels, industrial buildings… From all this work was born the indoor finish RS GlassPlus, a glossy finish that improves most of the qualities born of polished concrete. Some advantages respect to concrete are:

- RS AsphaltPlus is a flexible pavement, so we'll save that the pavement cracks.

- RS AsphaltPlus is a continuous pavement, without joints. The maintenance and cleaning of the pavement is much easier and cheaper than the rest.

- RS AsphaltPlus has a shorter execution period than the polished concrete work.

Research, development and innovation. RS AsphaltPlus new designs

The product development department continues creating new designs for polished asphalt pavement RS AsphaltPlus.


Our idea is that customers can customized their design. The aggregate size, aggregate color, replacing the classic aggregates by recycled ones or the bitumen’s color are some of the variables that are working nowadays.


To discover all that designs that we have developed you can visit the section "styles".


It is very important that, because of the recycling technology, customized pavement maintenance is the same that a standard pavement. If a part of the pavement is damaged we don’t have to create new asphalt anymore (in the past, if it was a unique design it was very expensive to repair).




Asphalt recycling machine RS GREENASPHALT VEB 500

RS Technologia presented in the Spanish market the new asphalt recycling machine RS GREENASPHALT VEB 500.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the VEB asphalt recycling machines provide a revolutionary solution to the reuse of raw materials in public road works. So far, this technology has been virtually unknown in Spain, but is already present in most of central and northern Europe.

Under the brand RS GREENASPHALT, RS Tecnologia is going to bring to market three models of machinery, depending on the production capacity they have. To start with, we present the VEB 500 model, with a 600 kg. capacity drum and a 3 TN estimated recycled asphalt production. It can also produce new asphalt.

RS Tecnología new office HQ

In November 2013 RS Tecnología moved its business to new premises in the same town of Les Borges del Camp. Due to the increased volume of our work, and the expansion of the workforce, a new space, wider, had become necessary.

In these new facilities, large and comfortable, our customer service and the service we provide is much better.

At the main entrance we find the new offices of the company, designed to generate an ideal working environment with plenty of natural light and a very good sound insulation from outside. Workers also have a meeting room with multi - conference as well as a fully equipped kitchen for breakfast and lunch.

On the back entrance we find the storage area and workshop. A wide door allows access into vehicles to prevent movement for loading and unloading of material. The workshop area is fully equipped for the service we provide to our customers.